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While earning passive income as a full-time student is incredibly helpful, I can honestly say that the best part about joining AdmitYogi is having the unique chance to connect with high schoolers around the country and learn more about their stories. It gives me so much hope for incoming classes and I love being able to share my experience and advice!
Hannah P., Student at Stanford

Hannah P.

Student at Stanford

As someone who poured hundreds of hours into dozens of essays, I didn't think I'd ever find a use for them after I went to college. AdmitYogi gave me a way to make money passively, from students unlocking my profile, and actively, by offering application edits. I had no idea this was actually going to make me quick earnings, but it's real: your profile and perspective are assets to others
Samay G., Student at UT Austin

Samay G.

Student at UT Austin

It was so easy to set up my account on AdmitYogi, plus I can put both my accepted and rejected college applications to use by helping high school students while making some money!
Madison R., Student at Stanford

Madison R.

Student at Stanford

AdmitYogi has such an admirable mission, seeking to fill in a gap within the college application-advice world that especially impacts individuals with less resources... From the ability to personalize your search to be able to find people with similar stories to the low cost and extensive context provided with each profile, AdmitYogi would have been my main resource if I were applying right now. On the college-student-supplying-a-profile side, it feels almost too good to be true. With almost no extra work to set up a profile, the chance to help hundreds of individuals with the hard work you have already done, and the chance to get paid while doing practically nothing, AdmitYogi is an incredible opportunity for individuals who have completed the college application process and for current college applicants alike.
Mercy H., Student at Stanford

Mercy H.

Student at Stanford

I love AdmitYogi. After spending an entire semester of high school focusing on college applications, I was able to get into a great school. Then, I found out about AdmitYogi. Now I get to make a passive income from all the work I did a year ago while also helping current high schoolers with their applications. I love to think that my work for my application is helping students get into their dream schools. I wish I had found out about AdmitYogi when I was applying because to have an idea of how other people approached their essays would have helped a lot. I couldn't recommend AdmitYogi more, for both college students and high school students!
Luke L., Student at Harvard

Luke L.

Student at Harvard

When I first discovered AdmitYogi I instantly thought: Wow! How hasn't anyone come up with this idea before, it's genius! Little did I know that this random encounter through social media would prove to be the start of an unimaginable personal enrichment, in the context of which I share my college essays, shed some light into a demanding application process and provide students with resources I wish I could have had when I was navigating my high-school years. At the same time, I am able to face more confidently rising costs as a low-income international college student. Joining AdmitYogi was an easy decision; the self-styled rates and services, the special software that allows you to redact all sensitive information you're not comfortable sharing, the platform's ethical pricing and 50-50 profit-sharing plan, the ability to reach thousands of students from across the world in a centralised and widely accessible format, the endless work the founders are putting in behind the scenes to offer the best and safest experience for every single user. One of the most promising startups when it comes to peer-to-peer college counselling, AdmitYogi is dynamically disrupting the industry with one goal: to help high-achieving and motivated high-school students overcome systemic barriers that hinder them from reaching their full potential. And I couldn't be happier that I have been given the chance to further this vision.
Natalia K., Student at Stanford

Natalia K.

Student at Stanford









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