Our Mission

As Stanford students newly distanced from the college application process ourselves, we built AdmitYogi with the desire to make applying to college easier & more affordable. Based on our experiences, consultants were often not worth their hefty price tag and, considering they applied to college decades ago, they lacked relevant exposure & expertise.

Conversely, free resources were far and few between. What we could find wasn’t verified, nor did it come from applicants with similar backgrounds to our own. As an example, when one of us wanted to find the essays, activities, and awards of an Asian male CS applicant who got into Stanford, we weren’t able to.

Before AdmitYogi, there was no way to easily search through a database of successful college applications and find folks just like you.

Now, using our sophisticated searching algorithm & advanced ranking features, you can find students, with similar backgrounds to your own, studying at your dream school. Then, for a limited price, you can read their entire application: their essays, activities, awards, and more.

Best of all, if you enjoy the writing style of that applicant, you can read through their acceptances and writing qualifications. If you think they could provide a valuable second set of eyes, our platform empowers you to have them edit your essay (all at a cost that is a fraction of what consultants charge).

The nature of college consulting hasn’t changed in decades, even though the realities of the college application landscape change on an annual basis. We’re here to change that—and we hope you join us in supporting our mission.

— Soham, Atman, and Ananth










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