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Extracurricular Activities for High School Students Interested in Engineering

Are you interested in engineering? Check out these extracurricular activities and stand out to colleges!
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5 Steps to Get into College with a Bad GPA

If your high school grades were poor and you had a low GPA, getting into the college of your dreams could be difficult. But it doesn't mean you can't pursue your collegiate desires! It simply means you'll have to approach college applications differently. Let's look at how to get into college with poor high school grades.
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Analyzing JFK's Successful Harvard Essay

In 1935, future President John F. Kennedy was asked to write an essay about why he wanted to attend Harvard University. The results were…interesting. Keep reading to see what JFK’s essay looked like and what lessons we can draw from it!
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What does a likely letter mean for college admissions?

If you're applying to college, you may have heard about (or even received) a likely letter. But what exactly is a likely letter? In this article, we'll discuss what these advantageous letters are and why colleges send them.
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Five College Essay Topics to Avoid

Coming up with college application essay topics is difficult for most students who are going through the already stressful college application process. To avoid receiving a handful of rejections come April, do not write about any of the following topics.
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How to find Scholarships as a High Schooler

Everyone is telling you that you need to start applying to scholarships and winning them. But how? Where should you even begin? Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of scholarships, when to apply, and how to find them!
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